2 Unit (60 gram) Silica Gel Tyvek Desiccant Packets and Dehumidifiers

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Our 60 gram silica gel packets are made with pharmaceutical-grade Tyvek and have been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for use around food products and medicines. With that much silica gel, they can handle all kinds of moisture issues!

Customers find new ways to use Tyvek silica gel packets all the time. From mildew, mold, and spoilage prevention (foods and medicines…it’s Tyvek!) to controlling the ravages of corrosion and deterioration on your valuables – there’s no end to their usefulness!

Use for storing foods and medicines, documents and photographs, jewelry and electronics, clothing and collection – the possibilities are limitless. After all, moisture is everywhere and will find its way to what matter most without Interteck products!

Our American-made products arrive in our airtight, re-sealable moisture barrier pouch manufactured from low moisture transmission film to ensure the product is always ready. Both our product and pouch meet the highest standards set in the US. That’s our promise!

Get our guarantee with every purchase! If you’re unhappy for any reason, simply contact us for a solution or your money back. And, since we’re an American company our support is handled here, too!