2-5 mm White Bulk Silica Gel

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Our silica gel products have been meeting the needs of industry for over 30 years and now they’re available to you – the general public! These are American-made wonders of modern science and can absorb 40% of their weight in moisture!

Silica gel beads offer unmatched prevention of mold, mildew and corrosion by forming a barrier that moisture can’t get through. Use to protect guns and ammo, clothing and jewelry, cameras and electronics, photos and documents, and more! (NO cobalt chloride!)

Silica beads are rechargeable! Bake in a convection oven for 2-3 hours at 200-240˚F or microwave on LOW power for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and the beads are ready for more moisture! NEVER put in oven over 250˚F. (Appliances vary, times are estimates.)

Products arrive airtight and factory-sealed in our moisture barrier pouch or special canister – depending on weight ordered. Both are re-sealable. The stand-up pouch is manufactured from low moisture transmission film to keep your product ready for use!

When you order form Interteck, you’re buying an American product from an American company with the strongest guarantee anywhere in the industry. If unhappy with the product for any reason, contact us for a quick solution or your money back!