16 Unit (480 gram) Silica Gel Tyvek Desiccant Packets and Dehumidifiers

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Made from Tyvek, far stronger material than paper, our 480 gram packets are the ultimate in moisture-absorbing power. Capable of drawing in 40% of their weight in moisture, you can see how effective these can be. And, because they’re Tyvek they’re safe near food and medicine!

Our Tyvek products meet the highest standards set in the US and are approved by the US Food & Drug Administration for use with food and medicine. That’s more than our competitors can say. So, remember – for peace of mind it’s Interteck every time.

Silica gel is your best option for keeping moisture away from where it can cause mold, mildew, spoilage, deterioration, and corrosion. When your valuables are at stake, those are things you just can’t allow to happen, so trust our silica gel to do the job!

Commonly used in enclosed spaces to protect valuables like firearms, ammo cans, dry goods, canned goods, clothing, jewelry, cutlery, books, documents, photographs, and so much more! The large size is perfect for winterizing RVs, cars, and boats, too!

The product will arrive in our re-sealable canister to ensure peak condition. This canister is airtight and should be quickly re-sealed after use to ensure the unused packets remain potent. Don’t forget to seal the lid!

Our products are made right here in the US by hard-working Americans and we proudly stand behind every product with our guarantee. If unhappy with our product for any reason, contact us for a speedy solution or your money back. It’s no risk and super simple!