Interteck Healthcare Uses

With a history of more than 30 years addressing the moisture-absorption needs of the healthcare industry, Interteck Packaging knows the best ways to protect your various healthcare related items from the ravages of exposure to moisture. These solutions come in a wide range of products to address every possible need – from the very large to the very small. No matter your specific need, Interteck Packaging has an American-made product at a fantastic price you can depend on to do the job!


Today, we have a great many medications we take to keep us healthy and these medications need to be properly stored to maintain their efficacy. While modern packaging is sufficient to keep the product viable while airtight and sealed, it has a much harder time keeping its utility once you’ve opened the bottle or package. That’s when silica gel packets from Interteck will really come in handy. With a variety on offer through our website, you can find the perfect product for your extended storage needs. Try our Tyvek packets which have been thoroughly tested and FDA-Approved for use with medicines.

Vitamins & Supplements

Just as with medication, many modern supplements come in pill form and require protection from moisture to keep their effectiveness for as long as the date on the bottle suggests. And, unfortunately, just as with the silica packets found in the medicine bottle when you open it, the supplement bottle has a weak desiccant as well. So, if you buy your supplements in bulk, as a great many people do, it pays to invest in a bag of silica gel packets from Interteck – specifically our high-quality Tyvek packets approved by the US Food & Drug Administration for use.

Syringes, Needles, Razors

For those who have to use a needle to administer medication, or just everyday razors we all use for grooming, our bulk silica gel can help you keep moisture from doing any harm to them while they’re stored for any duration. First, the sharpness of these items can be adversely affected by moisture, so keeping them dry will lead to much longer shelf life. Second, moisture leads to bacteria and that’s not something you want near your metallic items – especially those you put on or in your body. So, get either our bulk silica gel or our silica gel packets and keep your healthcare items lasting longer.

With a wide range of products, and an even wider range of healthcare uses, Interteck’s line of silica gel desiccants are just the thing to prevent moisture from wreaking havoc with your home healthcare items. With more than 30 years of providing the finest absorbent and absorbent-based products, Interteck Packaging is the only name you need to know in silica gel.