Food & Beverage

At Interteck Packaging, we’ve spent the last three decades perfecting our product offerings used to protect food and beverages from the damages caused by moisture – for military, industrial, and commercial uses. Now, our fantastic products are available to the general public as well to help you fight the ravages of moisture wherever you need to: in the home, in your vehicles, and even storage units! In fact, there’s no place you need to keep dry that Interteck’s catalog of absorbents and absorbent-based products can’t do the job!

Manufactured from the highest quality materials right here in the US, Interteck’s products meet not only our own high standards, but the most stringent testing found in the industry. That means you can depend on our products to perform as advertised and trust the safety of your valuables to their care. After all, you don’t need a desiccant you have to check on every day to ensure it’s still working. No, you need a quality product from a company unlike any other – a company that stands behind every product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there’s any problem with our products, we’ll quickly resolve the issue or your money back!