Interteck Packaging is proud of our 30 year history of supplying the world’s finest absorbent and absorbent-based products to industrial and governmental concerns across the US. Now, that extensive experience and industry-leading product catalog is available to you, the consumer. All are made right here in the USA and come with our world-beating money back guarantee. If you dissatisfied with any of Interteck’s products, just send the unused portion back for a full refund. It’s supremely effective moisture control you can afford and it comes with no risk whatsoever!

Our extensive product catalog contains a range of desiccant dehumidifiers designed to assist you in your home or office, storage unit or anywhere else you need to keep free from humidity and the damage that moisture can cause over time. Every product has been tested to the highest standards found in the industry and our Tyvek silica gel packets and large desiccant packs have been approved by the FDA as safe for use with food and medicine. That means there’s a product in our categories that’s perfect for your needs. These categories are:

Blue Indicating: Our blue indicating silica gel comes in bulk and packets giving you options for every possible use!

Orange Indicating: We’ve taken the cobalt chloride out of the indicating silica gel and replaced it with a safer alternative you can use without worry!

Non-Indicating White: The white non-indicating bulk silica gel is the same material found in our Tyvek packets and combats moisture unlike anything else you’ll find!

Tyvek Silica: This is our world-class silica gel packaged in the toughest Tyvek which is FDA-approved safe for use with food and medicines!

Tyvek Clay: The exact same incredible usefulness as our Tyvek silica gel, but with a clay desiccant instead – still FDA-approved safe!

Carton Desiccant: No matter what type of safe you own, or what’s stored in it, moisture can do damage that our carton desiccants can stop – guaranteed!

Don’t take chances with the things you save, you store, and you treasure. Not when you can protect them from the ravages of moisture and humidity gone wild for less than you spend on coffee in a month. Just find the right product or products in our catalog and put them to use for you – in your home, your office, your storage, or anywhere you need to keep dry. There’s no moisture control solution you can depend on more than Interteck’s absorbents and absorbent-based products.