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Vitamins & Supplements

Just as with medication, many modern supplements come in pill form and require protection from moisture to keep their effectiveness for as long as the date on the bottle suggests. And, unfortunately, just as with the silica packets found in the medicine bottle when you open it, the supplement bottle has a weak desiccant as well. So, if you buy your supplements in bulk, as a great many people do, it pays to invest in a bag of silica gel packets from Interteck – specifically our high-quality Tyvek packets approved by the US Food & Drug Administration for use.


America has been in a love affair with vitamins for almost a century and the trend just keeps getting bigger with every passing year. That’s a good thing as we all know the value in taking our vitamins, but many of us have also learned another valuable lesson – buying in bulk. Let’s face it, vitamins are expensive. So, buying as many at once as possible is the most cost-effective way to get what we need. However, it comes with the added challenge of keeping those vitamins active and effective for the extended time they’ll be stored. All it takes is Tyvek silica gel packets from Interteck to keep the humidity and moisture down and your vitamins efficacy up for as long as necessary. And, because they can be recharged, you can keep that moisture barrier up for even longer!


Just like the vitamins we all have in our cabinets, there are even more supplements on the market that many of us take to try to improve our health and general well-being. Many of these supplements need to be protected from moisture and humidity to maintain their effectiveness, so they too will benefit greatly from having an Interteck Tyvek silica gel packet included in their storage container. You can never go wrong when you place your trust, and the well-being of your supplements, in the hands of Interteck silica gel products. They’ll keep the moisture away and allow you to enjoy the supplements you need without the hassles you don’t.


The increase in the number of Americans wanting to get and stay healthy includes a rise in the number of people using shakes to get some of their daily nutrition. These shakes are great ways to stay fit and most come in powdered form that you mix yourself. This powder contains enzymes and nutrients that need to stay completely dry to keep their effective qualities, so using Interteck’s Tyvek silica gel packets directly in the container is the best way to protect your shake powder from becoming clumpy and contaminated by humidity. They’re FDA-approved safe for just this type of use, so you can rest easy knowing your expensive shakes are protected from moisture around the clock.

At Interteck, we’ve been assisting the healthcare fields with their desiccant needs for over 30 years and all of the expertise has been poured into our consumer products to give you all the benefits of our experience. You get world-class absorbents and absorbent-based products which are all made right here, in the USA. That’s a quality American product from a family-owned, American company with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.