Syringes, Needles & Razors

For those who have to use a needle to administer medication, or just everyday razors we all use for grooming, our bulk silica gel can help you keep moisture from doing any harm to them while they’re stored for any duration. First, the sharpness of these items can be adversely affected by moisture, so keeping them dry will lead to much longer shelf life. Second, moisture leads to bacteria and that’s not something you want near your metallic items – especially those you put on or in your body. So, get either our bulk silica gel or our silica gel packets and keep your healthcare items lasting longer.


There are millions of Americans across the country today living with diabetes and the necessity of having syringes in the house to administer the insulin shots they need to survive. These syringes usually come in packaging designed to keep them sterile until use, but that can’t always be trusted to do the job – especially if the packaging has been compromised over time. The best way you can back up this packaging and keep your syringes free from bacteria is by keeping them stored in as dry an environment as possible. Our silica gel products are made for just this purpose, so just choose a product – be it packets, packs, or one of our carton desiccants – and keep it in the container with your syringes to ensure moisture never gets a foothold.


Anyone who has had to buy razors knows that they’ve become far more expensive than one can honestly justify spending. That’s why the replacement cartridge has become so big – expense. But, many people don’t realize that just because they haven’t actually used a razor it can still become dull. This is caused by corrosion of the blade itself from exposure to moisture like that found in every bathroom after a hot shower. The blades need to be stored in an enclosed space, like a Tupperware container, with our bulk silica gel beads. This will keep the humidity from affecting the blades edge and ensure your expensive purchase stays useful for as long as you need. If you purchase our indicating silica gel in bulk you can even see when it’s time to change the beads for unused ones and recharge them in your oven. That’s right – you can use them over and over again!


If you or a loved one has to use oxygen in your home, then you know the stresses of dealing with the hoses and oxygen masks. And, you most likely know that your breath causes condensation inside the mask that can foment the growth of bacteria over time. While the masks should be regularly cleaned, they should also be stored in a clean, dry container when not in use – with a handful of silica gel packets from Interteck in there to keep the moisture at bay. Use our rechargeable indicating packets for added convenience – one look and you’ll know it’s time to change!

With a wide range of products, and an even wider range of healthcare uses, Interteck’s line of silica gel desiccants are just the thing to prevent moisture from wreaking havoc with your home healthcare items. With more than 30 years of providing the finest absorbent and absorbent-based products, Interteck Packaging is the only name you need to know in silica gel.