Shipping & Storing Vehicles

With how much Americans love their cars, trucks, vans, RVs, motorcycles, and more, it should come as no surprise that shipping vehicles around the country (and the world) is becoming more and more common. And, just as prevalent is the rise of recreational vehicle ownership – be it an RV, camper trailer, boat, or even a plane. While it’s incredible to own one of these, it can also present a problem due to the ways we use these types of vehicles – or don’t use them. In fact, most recreational vehicles, or even second automobiles, may not be driven or used for long periods of time – perhaps even most of the year. That can lead to some serious issues arising from prolonged exposure to humidity, moisture, and the temperature fluctuations common during seasonal changes. But, not if you choose Interteck products to protect what you value most. We have the ideal products to keep your vehicles safe from moisture.


While not all of us will have to do this in our lifetime, it pays to know that Interteck has products to keep your vehicle safe during transport from one place to another – especially if the trip goes overseas. With our large desiccant packs and carton desiccants for safes you can place enough desiccant material in your vehicle to ensure its sensitive electrical components don’t have troubles along the way. Placing packets or packs on your dashboard and in your console will ensure no moisture does any damage and carton desiccants for safes can be placed throughout the vehicle to keep the interior dry during transit. And, all of it can be done for less than a tank of gas would cost.


With the rise in free time thanks to the wonders of technology and automation, Americans have once again embraced the recreational aspects of vehicle ownership. This means more motorcycles and far more watercraft and action sports equipment – ATVs, UTVs, PWCs, snowmobiles, etc. All of these vehicles, especially those reliant on certain weather conditions, will need to be stored for the majority of the time that you own them. For the smaller vehicles, Interteck’s line of silica gel packets is great for keeping moisture out of the sensitive areas. Just liberally place them throughout the intakes and anywhere electrical components can be accessed. Our large desiccant packs make the ideal barrier between moisture and your cars, trucks, and vans. Place them throughout the vehicle to keep humidity and moisture from getting into the areas it shouldn’t be.


Your recreational vehicle or camper will probably not be in use for more than a few weeks each year which means it will sit exposed to the elements for the remainder of that time. That kind of exposure can lead to serious issues caused by moisture and temperature fluctuations, so you need to protect the RV or camper with products from Interteck Packaging. Our desiccants for safes are all carton-based products of large size that work wonders in absorbing excess moisture from the interior spaces of your camper or RV and can be recharged to keep the fight against humidity going longer. They’re a great way to keep your recreational experiences going strong!

When you’ve taken the time and money to purchase a second vehicle or a vehicle for you and your family’s enjoyment, you should do all you can to protect it from the damages that can be caused by prolonged exposure to the elements – specifically moisture and high humidity. That’s why you should always have Interteck products on hand to fight the good fight against moisture. You can depend on our absorbents and absorbent-based products to stand strong just as they’ve done since we first began over 30 years ago.