Shipping & Storage

While some people keep everything, the majority of us only store the things that mean a great deal to us, or that we can only use for a portion of the year due to seasonal changes. But, no matter what you store, or why, Interteck has the perfect absorbent and absorbent-based products to keep your stored items safe from the damages caused by runaway humidity and moisture penetration. One look at our catalog and you’re certain to find what’s right for your needs.


Storing items in the home can mean a great many things. You could be speaking of your garage, your basement, your attic, an exterior shed perhaps, or any other room you consider a part of the home itself. All of these areas will have different humidity levels and exposure to outside moisture. That means you’ll need more moisture-absorbing power for those areas where you expect greater humidity to be the case – like your garage, shed, or basement. Our large desiccant packs are perfect for handling this kind of moisture level, or you can use our bulk silica gel beads in exactly the quantity you need for your specific purpose. Our silica gel packets are perfect for shoe boxes and other small, enclosed spaces.


Your office is probably full of files and cabinets containing your history of doing business. This is true even with the rise of digital copies of documents – especially in certain industries. That means you have an enormous amount of files that need to be saved for long periods and that can be tricky if your office is in a humid location. Moisture and paper don’t mix over time, so keeping the humidity down is of prime importance to the longevity of your documentation. Interteck products were specifically designed to combat moisture and humidity through absorption, so you can use any of them alone or in combination to remove excess moisture from the atmosphere in the spaces where important documents are stored. It’s a cost-effective, reusable way to keep moisture at bay!


Protection from moisture is even more important for long-term storage in modern storage facilities. Interteck’s bulk desiccant and large desiccant packs are the ideal way to combat the effects of moisture on your valuables while they’re kept away from home. This is even more important when your storage unit has an exterior door of its own which lets in the moisture in far greater quantities. All you need to do is place enough of the desiccant packs, cartons, or bulk silica gel to handle the size of the unit and visit once every so often (depending on humidity levels in your area) to swap the moisture-laden desiccant for unused or recharged product. And, simply recharge the used product to use the next time it’s time for a change. Interteck will help keep what’s inside dry and free from mold, mildew and corrosion. That’s a great result for a low, low price!

There are as many uses for Interteck Packaging products as there are needs for combatting moisture, so when you’re looking for great protection from moisture, mold, and mildew – not to mention corrosion – be sure to purchase the right Interteck product for your needs today – be it silica gel and clay desiccant packs or desiccant dehumidifiers for your home or office safes. They make storing the things that matter easy!