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One of the biggest benefits to the global economy and the rise of ecommerce has been the ability to quickly and efficiently get almost anything you can imagine shipped to you wherever you are in the world and that goes doubly so for those who live in the United States. In fact, much of the world is only now catching up to our mail system which includes the shipping companies that deliver cargo from Point A to Point B. And, if you want to keep everything you ship as safe as possible, then Interteck has a place in all your shipping packages.


Interteck’s full line of silica gel packets are perfect for shipping small items across whatever distance they’ll need to travel. You can use any of our many sizes to keep the moisture and humidity from causing any damage to the contents of your package. You can also just pour some of our incredibly useful bulk silica gel into the box with your shipment. And, why wouldn’t you? You don’t know what that package will have to go through before it reaches its destination and anything you can do to ensure it gets there in pristine condition is the right thing to do – especially when the costs for using our silica gel packets is so low. Buy a bag and use them whenever you ship something that needs to stay dry until it’s opened.


When you have to ship something large then you’re going to be dealing with boxes of very large size. That probably means large empty spaces inside the box where humidity and moisture can accumulate and cause damage to the sensitive parts of your shipment. Our bulk silica gel and large desiccant packs are the perfect way to keep moisture and humidity at bay during your shipment’s transit. Plus, they’re economical and can be recharged for use again down the road. In fact, we have solutions for any size package and any possible contents you could ship, so check out our catalog for the right Interteck absorbent and absorbent-based product for your shipping needs.


henever you need to ship food or perishables of any kind then you need to think about what effects humidity and moisture can have on what it is that you’re shipping. Food should never be exposed to high levels of moisture during shipment as this can allow bacteria to grow and contaminate the food items. You should protect your perishables with Interteck’s line of absorbents and absorbent-based products. We have silica gel packets made from Tyvek material that’s been approved by the FDA as safe for use with food and medicine. Our clay Tyvek packs are larger and perform the same function, so you have options for shipping – no matter the size of your package.

When you need to ship something important, something you need kept free from moisture and humidity, there’s no better way than with an Interteck Packaging desiccant right alongside. By using our high-quality desiccant dehumidifiers, silica gel packets, and clay desiccant packs you can keep the things you value most protected from humidity and moisture while it’s on its way from one place to another.