Processed Meats

Have you ever wondered about the little silica gel packets inside your favorite beef jerky bag? Well, the packet is in there to keep moisture from discoloring the meat over time. You don’t want to buy discolored jerky, so the manufacturer puts in a desiccant packet to maintain freshness. However, those packets aren’t intended to keep the meat fresh after opening, so if you buy large quantities of smoked or cured meats then you need Tyvek silica gel packets from Interteck to keep your meat lasting longer than you ever thought possible – especially if you smoke or cure meat yourself. It’s an investment worth making if freshness matters to you!


Americans have always been a people who enjoy their meats – even before the nation was known as America. This extends to all kinds of meat products and, at least today, much of this meat is hunted or caught recreationally. That means needing to find ways to take back the meat and store it for use at a later time. This can be done by curing or smoking the meat to remove the water and storing it away from moisture – which is where Interteck products really shine. Keeping your homemade jerky fresh is no problem when you use our Tyvek silica gel packets in your storage containers. Just replace them every week or two to keep your meat fresh and moisture off the radar. It works just as well for smoked fish and venison!


Today’s supermarket prices have pushed many of us to buy as many products as we can in bulk to save money. This thinking is what gave rise to bulk-buy stores like Costco and it has presented many shoppers with a problem – how exactly do you store that much of something? Well, the simple answer, at least for the products that can spoil, is to use Tyvek silica gel packets from Interteck to keep the moisture away. You can easily break your food purchases up into more manageable sizes and pop a few silica gel packets in with them to ensure they stay fresh longer. It’s as easy as ordering a bag today and using them throughout the year. And, since you can recharge them using a LOW power microwave for 30 seconds to 2 minutes you can keep benefitting from the purchase over and over again!


When you break large food items up into smaller packages for freezing, the number one concern is always the moisture that remains in the bag from the air trapped inside when you close it. No matter how hard you try, without a vacuum sealer, you’re simply not going to get all the air out. So, why fight it? Just place one or two of our Tyvek silica gel packets into the bag with your food item and zip it closed. The desiccant will make short work of the moisture and it continues to work – even at freezing temperatures. So, with Interteck in the bag you’ll never see freezer burn again!

When you spend so much time and energy gathering the food you eat, whether you hunt or fish for it or simply buy it at the supermarket, you need to put some thought and energy into how you’ll store it to maintain freshness for as long as possible. That used to be a hassle, but that was before Interteck. Now, all you need is our Tyvek silica gel packets and your food will be fresh when it’s time to enjoy it. Order your Interteck products  today and be ready for the next time you need to store your meats.