Natural & Organic Foods

There is a rise in America today, and a growing taste, for natural and organic foods from farms across the United States. This is great for healthy living and for the growing population of purely organic farmers making a better and better living from the fresh foods they deliver. But, it creates an issue for many who love this food, but need to find better ways to store what they purchase. That’s where the catalog of Tyvek silica gel products from Interteck comes into play. They’re the perfect way to preserve the freshness you crave!


There’s nothing better in the heart of winter than sinking your teeth into a strawberry. Well, we’re sure there are better things, but the fruit out-of-season trick is a great one to know, but you’ll need a great desiccant product from Interteck to keep those fruits and vegetables dry and fresh for the long months between canning and enjoying. All you need to do is place a silica gel packet in our FDA-approved Tyvek material into the bag or container holding your fruits and vegetables. The desiccant material will ensure that none of the humidity in the air when the container was sealed can harm the long-term freshness of the food item. It’s that easy and works like a dream!


There’s no more natural food source than your own private garden, or community garden for that matter. That’s where you get in touch with nature itself and produce the produce you want to save for the rest of the year. Our absorbent and absorbent-based products work wonders in keeping your gardening seeds and bulbs fresh for the next planting season, thus ensuring you always have the fresh food you want to eat. Just place some of our bulk silica gel in the container with your seeds, or use our Tyvek silica gel packets to keep the humidity out of the seeds you store. Our indicating packets work well for this role since all you need to do is check them every so often for color change to know exactly when to replace and recharge them!


Storing delicious meats and nuts for the year isn’t difficult when you have a dehydrator or smoker and the time to handle the processing. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular to dry your own nuts and meats to enjoy them throughout the year, so getting familiar with how Interteck’s products can keep your food fresh is a smart move for avoiding spoilage. Place our Tyvek silica gel packets right in your jerky bags or nut containers and close them up tight. Check them every week or two to see whether it’s time to change them out and recharge the full ones in a LOW power microwave for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and they’re ready to tackle more moisture!

With all the effort that goes into having the freshest food we can get our hands on, we should always save a bit of time to properly store that wonderful bounty so that it’s ready when we are. You don’t want to find something spoiled and you definitely don’t want to throw away something you put so much effort into. So, place an order for Interteck absorbents and absorbent-based products and never be without their incredible moisture-controlling power again!