With a history of more than 30 years addressing the moisture-absorption needs of the healthcare industry, Interteck Packaging knows the best ways to protect your various healthcare related items from the ravages of exposure to moisture. These solutions come in a wide range of products to address every possible need – from the very large to the very small. No matter your specific need, Interteck Packaging has an American-made product at a fantastic price you can depend on to do the job!


Today, we have a great many medications we take to keep us healthy and these medications need to be properly stored to maintain their efficacy. While modern packaging is sufficient to keep the product viable while airtight and sealed, it has a much harder time keeping its utility once you’ve opened the bottle or package. That’s when silica gel packets from Interteck will really come in handy. With a variety on offer in our catalog, you can find the perfect product for your extended storage needs. Try our Tyvek packets which have been thoroughly tested and FDA-Approved for use with medicines – including all your doctor-prescribed medications. Just place one on your pill bottle or storage container to keep the medication at peak effectiveness for its time in storage.


Just as with the medications prescribed to you by your doctor or clinic, the ones you purchase over-the-counter need to be handled in exactly the same way – with care and caution. They also need to be stored in a safe and dry environment to ensure they’re not accidentally ingested or used without permission. While the safety of the medications is up to you, Interteck has the perfect product to keep the medicines in working condition longer – Tyvek silica gel packets. They work by absorbing the moisture from the air inside your medicinal storage container. That means no humidity and no degradation, so you can rest easy knowing the medicine will be effective when it’s time to take it.


No matter whether your medication comes in pill or tablet form, Interteck’s Tyvek products are safe to use with them without fear of contamination or accidental ingestion. The Tyvek material is proven and tested beyond the limits of most modern materials to guarantee it’s the safest thing out there for the purposes of storing medicine at optimal readiness. Both capsules and tablets need to stay dry to maintain their integrity and all it takes it a Tyvek packet to keep them that way. Just buy a bag of our incredible product and never be without the power to keep your medications in peak condition.

Interteck’s Tyvek packets, both silica gel and clay, have been approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration as safe to use with food and medicine. They’ve also been thoroughly tested by our own teams to ensure they meet the highest standards found in the industry, so you can have real peace of mind when you use an Interteck product. The kind of peace of mind you only get when you work with the very best America has to offer. That’s who we are and the world’s finest absorbents and absorbent-based products are what we make.