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Desktop Computers

For more than 30 years, Interteck has been manufacturing and distributing the finest absorbent and absorbent-based products to governmental agencies, the US military, industrial concerns, the food and healthcare industries, and many, many more. Now, we’ve brought that innovation and effectiveness to you – the consumer.


With the rise of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, many people no longer own a desktop computer, but if you do then Interteck’s absorbent and absorbent-based products are your best option for keeping humidity and moisture from doing a number on the delicate internal connections and metallic components found inside computer towers. With Interteck’s indicating silica gel packets, you can keep your hard drive safe and dry for next to nothing and, since the packets are indicating they’ll tell you when it’s time to change them by changing colors. Plus, they’re easily rechargeable, so you’ll always have more ready when the time is right!


If you own a laptop or tablet, chances are you own a case for it too. Because these devices are so easily portable, cases are just a fact of life, just as is humidity and rain – not to mention accidental spills. If you’re looking for a great way to mitigate these factors, or to try to save your device after a spill, then having Interteck desiccant products on-hand can be a lifesaver. All you need is a handful in your device’s case and you’re good to go. Just place your device in the case when you’re on the move and the moisture-absorption power of Interteck’s silica gel will go to work on that moisture and keep your device going strong. It’s the most affordable mitigation step out there and could save you thousands in replacement costs!


Today, everyone has a smartphone and some of the newer models are waterproof. Or, so they claim. However, most of us still use devices that can’t take water in any form, so it’s well worth your investment to have Interteck’s bulk silica gel on-hand for those accidents that are bound to happen. Just take your device and place it in the bulk silica gel (preferably in an enclosed space like a Ziploc container) and let it sit overnight. Presto! You may have just rescued your smartphone from a watery fate and ensured it’ll keep ringing and beeping at you every five seconds until you upgrade. It’s the best, and most affordable, way to protect yourself from losing your most important device!

With our catalog of products – be it silica gel or bentonite clay – you’ll know your valuables are safe from the damages caused by moisture. That’s peace of mind at incredible prices and every single item is made right here, in the USA!