Coffee, Powders & Spices

The modern kitchen contains a wide range of utensils and appliances aimed at making our lives easier which just so happens to be Interteck’s mission as well. While many of the items found within the average kitchen will be the same no matter where you live, others may be unique to you or your particular area. However, the prevalence of coffee, powders, and spices in the average kitchen can’t be denied. Now, some may take this hoarding of expensive spices and coffees to an extreme, but the vast majority of us would live far different lives without sugar and salt, paprika and thyme. And, Interteck is there to help you protect these luxuries from the effects of moisture and humidity.


There’s no denying that Americans love their coffee. We drink it in the millions of gallons each month, so it shouldn’t be surprising that beans or ground roast can be found in almost every house in the nation. Even those who don’t drink it usually have some on-hand for guests, so the need to keep it fresh for as long as possible is of the upmost importance if you want a good-tasting cup after a long time in the cupboard. Our Tyvek silica gel packets are ideal for keeping your ground roast or coffee beans free from the negative effects on taste and brewing that moisture exposure brings. Just place them inside your coffee grounds or beans and close the container up tight. The packets are FDA-approved safe with food, so you can rest easy knowing the coffee will be rich when next you brew it!


We all use a wide range of powders in our homes – most in the kitchen. These range from cooking powders to the baking soda boxes we place in our refrigerators. These powders all need to stay dry to maintain their effectiveness, so you need to assist them in this effort by storing them with one or more of Interteck’s Tyvek silica gel packets to keep the humidity found in most kitchens and refrigerators to a minimum and the powdered material working at maximum efficacy. It really is as easy as including the right Interteck product with anything you need to keep free of moisture.


Everyone loves a good spicy dish – no matter what spice put the spicy in it. We’re in love with spices and have been for centuries. That’s how America was discovered by Europeans in the first place, so our need to keep spices aplenty in our kitchens is ingrained in us. That being said, spices can be downright expensive and every effort should be made to keep them fresh and useable for as long as possible. That’s where Interteck Tyvek silica gel packets can save the day. By placing one in your spice containers you ensure no clumping or negative impacts of moisture exposure. It’s simple, cost-effective, and can last for as long as you keep recharging the packets following the instructions found in our blog.

With the money we all spend on spices, coffee, and powdered goods you’d expect every home to have a handy supply of Interteck products ready to assist in keeping moisture from rearing its ugly head, but most don’t even recognize the need for mitigating the effects of moisture in their kitchen cabinets. It’s eye-opening when they see what the right Interteck product can do and ordering is as easy as clicking a few buttons in our catalog, so what are you waiting for? Get your absorbent and absorbent-based products from an American company selling the finest American-made products – Interteck Packaging.