Automotive, Marine & Aviation

In America, part of growing up is getting your license and your very first car. Now, that’s not how everyone’s first car comes into their life, but, at some point, the vast majority of citizens feel the freedom of the open road in a car of their own. And, that passion for owning vehicles doesn’t stop with automobiles. No, many of us feel the need to purchase and operate other means of travel for recreation and even business. That’s how most people end up owning a boat or a plane, an RV or camper. And, Interteck products have a place in all of them!


Your car, truck, or van is expected to operate under all conditions and get you safely from Point A to Point B with little to no issues. At least, that’s how things are supposed to go in a perfect world, but Interteck knows the world isn’t perfect and have developed products that can really help your automobile keep going through the tough times it has to face out on the streets of your city. Our silica gel packets on your dashboard can keep your window from fogging up when the weather turns cold. You can use our desiccant packs to keep your vehicle dry and free of corrosion during long-term storage. And, finally, our bulk silica gel works great at keeping your vehicle free of condensation when it’s exposed to temperature fluctuations. That means less wear on your vehicle from moisture and more enjoyable drives.


Your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) is built to live on the water, so how exactly can Interteck’s products help you keep them in perfect condition longer? That’s simple. See, while your boat or PWC is meant to be used on the water, it’s not meant to be submerged in it. These machines have sensitive components that need to stay dry to remain operational and operating at peak efficiency. This is especially true when your boat or PWC is stored through the winter months. Just as you need to winterize the engine, you need to winterize for storage as well. This includes using Interteck’s large desiccant packs to keep humidity and leftover moisture from wreaking havoc on your machine’s internal electronics. Just place them throughout the boat or PWC when sealing up for storage and you should be good until next year!


While not all of us are fortunate to own our own planes, there are a growing number of enthusiasts nationwide who have found the personal freedom you get when lifting off under your own power. But, planes are very sensitive machines with a great many components that must be in perfect working order for your flight to go smoothly. Many of these components are susceptible to corrosion and damage from high humidity and moisture, so doing everything you can to prevent this from happening is just good safety sense. Using Interteck’s large desiccant packs to combat moisture when your plane is stored is a cost-effective way to ensure that all of the instrumentation and electronics stay in pristine condition throughout the time you’re on the ground. And, they’re rechargeable!

Your vehicle, your boat or PWC, and your plane, if you’re lucky enough to own one, all have sensitive electronic components and wiring that should be kept clean and dry for optimal performance and long life. That means Interteck products should be found wherever your vehicle is stored and in the quantities necessary for keeping moisture firmly at bay. After all, your vehicle is meant to provide you with transportation and enjoyment – not frustration – so use Interteck to keep your vehicle going strong on land, sea, and in the air.