About Us

“Forming a barrier between moisture and what matters most for almost 30 years!”

Interteck Packaging is an American company established in 1990. That’s nearly 30 years of delivering the finest silica gel and clay desiccant products to customers so they can successfully dehumidify and prevent moisture damage from occurring in an ever-increasing variety of areas. In fact, with each passing year there seems to be another great use for these products, so everyone can buy an Interteck product and put it to good use in their own lives. They’ll deliver the moisture barrier you need to protect what matters most - guaranteed. “Small but powerful and they look cool” Jonathan ~ Amazon.com Dec. 1, 2017

As we said, Interteck is an American company with 100% of our products manufactured and distributed in the USA. All of our fulfillment centers, all of our manufacturing, and all of our staff are based here and will continue to be that way. Why, you ask? Well, that’s an easy answer. Interteck is committed to ensuring that our business maintains the highest levels of quality control and logistical support. That’s our commitment to every customer who buys from us – their business strengthens more than just our business. It strengthens the nation as a whole and keeps jobs right here in the USA. “Very prompt shipping...Will buy from again” Richard D. ~ Amazon.com Dec. 7, 2017

Interteck is also one of the only silica gel companies in the market today with a product approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for use with food and pharmaceuticals (FDA Standard 21CFR 172.230 and GRAS). That means our Tyvek packets are deemed 100% safe to use for all sorts of purposes you may never have considered. We take a great deal of pride in being able to offer our customers a product that’s safe for themselves, their families, and even their beloved pets. Tyvek is tough stuff and ours is the best you’ll find anywhere. Again, it’s manufactured in the US and meets our incredibly high standards, so you can put your trust in our Tyvek – and every other product we sell. Oh, and did we mention it’s rechargeable? Well, it certainly is!  “Keep my moisture sensitive equipment dry as a desert…” Andromeda ~ Amazon.com Nov. 20, 2017

At Interteck, we’re proud of our products, where they’re made, and how they can be used to better the lives of our customers. Our company is the perfect blend of science and technology intermixed with American ingenuity and good old-fashioned business sense. Our 97% satisfaction rating among our customers is proof that we take what we do very seriously…and do it better than anyone else!