About Large Desiccant Packs

Desiccant isn’t a word we use much, but it performs a function we can all benefit from. It prevents moisture from doing what it does best – eroding the strength of whatever it encounters. And, when you consider this is a watery world with moisture everywhere it’s not surprising that desiccant from Interteck can play an ever-increasing role in safeguarding all the things you hold dear. Time is undefeated, but with Interteck you stand a fighting chance against moisture. “…Perfect for shipping my electronics…out of state…” Eric Z. ~ Amazon.com Dec. 18, 2017

Our large desiccant packs take the amazing properties of our Tyvek packets and expand their ability to absorb moisture from the surround atmosphere. And, because they’re larger you can use them instead of handfuls of packets. They’re the perfect way to keep moisture from destroying documents and other important items in basement storage areas. Being Tyvek, they’re also FDA-Approved as safe for being near food and medicine – not to mention your family. Interteck is one of the only companies in the market that offers such a safe product and our commitment to safety extends all the way from development to delivery – guaranteed. “…Great aid in our closets and wardrobes…” Loraine S. ~ Amazon.com Oct. 25, 2017

No matter what moisture defense you have in mind, Interteck has the product that’s perfect for your needs and will stand behind it 100% with our satisfaction guarantee and commitment to you, the customer. As an American company, with everything we do done right here, we take great pride in our exceptional reputation and mean it when we say that for almost 30 years we’ve been the barrier between moisture and what matters most to you. That’s more than a tagline. It’s our philosophy and you can believe in it. “…Excess moisture…taken in by the silica gel…not our items…arrived like a flash...” Eugene B. ~ Amazon.com Jan. 27, 2017

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