About Desiccant for Safes

Today, a safe in the home can have multiple purposes and Interteck has a desiccant product for all of them. No matter what you’re placing in your safe, you’ll need to protect it from moisture and the damages it can cause. That’s where Interteck and its wide variety of safe desiccant products can truly save the day. We offer products manufactured right here in the US that stand head and shoulders above our competition, so when you need desiccant products for your home or office safe, there’s only one name to know – Interteck Packaging. “…A great investment to prevent mold and rust in our shed...” Amanda A. ~ Amazon.com June 27, 2013

Gun Safes: Any gun owner can tell you that moisture is a gun’s worst enemy. It can wreak havoc with your weapon and the only surefire way to avoid the problems it brings is by keeping moisture away at all costs. Now, responsible gun owners keep their guns in a safe in their home or office to protect the guns from theft and to protect people from accidents. That’s just being smart. But, every time you open the safe air from outside makes its way into the safe and is shut in when the door is closed. That air had moisture in it and will cause problems if you don’t counteract it with a gun safe desiccant product from Interteck. We offer a range of products designed to keep your guns and ammunition safe from corrosion and rust. Just think of it as a low-cost insurance policy you renew every time you open your safe! “By far the best desiccant out there…more economical and environmentally friendly.” KB ~ Amazon.com Feb. 14, 2014

Personal Safes: Not every safe is used for guns and ammo and Interteck has products that work just as well in keeping moisture from your important papers and jewelry as they do for keeping guns safe and in pristine condition. Desiccants don’t discriminate. They’re intended to soak up moisture to prevent its negative effects and they do their job well – especially when you buy from us. Interteck’s US-based manufacturing and fulfillment mean we’re firmly in control of every aspect of our products and their delivery. So, when you buy from Interteck, you can rest easy knowing the product will be delivered on time and perform as advertised. That’s our company promise to every Interteck customer and has been for almost 30 years! “…Best product on the market for a gun safe…” C. Yankee ~ Amazon.com Dec. 30, 2016

Try any of our desiccant products and see the amazing results for yourself. One use and you’ll know why Interteck is America’s choice for absorbents and absorbent-based products. We’ve been the barrier between moisture and what matters most to our customers for almost 30 years! Interteck Packaging – Forming a barrier between moisture and what matters most for almost 30 years!