About Bulk Silica Gel

While many people have encountered single-use packets of silica gel in food and medicine, most have no idea that the moisture-absorbing powers of silica gel can be yours without the packets. Yes, Interteck offers a fantastic line of bulk silica gel products you can use all over your home or office. Silica is a naturally occurring mineral we refine and process to form tiny beads that have an incredible surface area for something so small. “Great product, packed to the brim.” Byron J. ~ Amazon.com Oct. 30, 2016

This surface area allows these beads to soak up to 40% of their weight in moisture from the atmosphere without changing shape or size. That’s an impressive amount of drying you can use for a plethora of purposes. And, even better, we sell this bulk material for uses beyond what a packet can handle and it’s all 100% rechargeable, so buying bulk silica gel and using it smartly is more than being a savvy consumer – it’s just good planning. “Works great…plenty to use…easy to recharge the ones that were used.” Evelyn T. ~ Amazon.com Apr. 4, 2017

Interteck’s bulk silica gel bead products – either indicating or non-indicating – represent the best way to buy a product you’ll use in countless ways and ensure you always have enough on-hand for the next project. It’s a fact that as soon as you begin to see the benefits to preventing moisture from doing its ugly work you’ll want to expand your defenses to include other precious items. With our bulk products, you can use what you need when you need it and always have more. Plus, all of our bulk silica gel is completely rechargeable! Just follow the instructions for reheating in your oven or microwave and in a few hours your silica will be ready to go again! “Great product for keeping 3D printer filament dry…” Chris L. ~ Amazon.com June 21, 2017

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