The white non-indicating bulk silica gel from Interteck comes in a range of weights to give you plenty of options for using this amazing product to keep moisture at bay around your home, office, storage unit, or anywhere else where moisture can’t be allowed to run amok. Your options for this great absorbent product are limitless and no matter what your specific usage, you can be certain it’ll do the job better than any product on the market.



Manufactured with no added chemicals, our white non-indicating silica gel offers unmatched moisture-fighting power with the freedom from toxicity found in some other products. Our bulk silica gel beads should never be used with food or ingested as they could pose a choking hazard, but you can freely use them anywhere around the home or office to keep moisture out without fear of toxic spillover. They’re safe, they’re inert, and they work like a dream.



Try our bulks silica gel in white non-indicating and get the protection from moisture and humidity you need without the chemicals you don’t. It’s the perfect way to protect your valuables, your stored items, and your gardening seeds and bulbs. You can use it with your tools, with your bathroom razors, and even in your drawers to keep musty odor away. In fact, our customers come up with a new use for our bulk silica gel almost every day and we’re sure you will too – order now!