When you need to protect your valuables from moisture, Interteck has a full range of products that will do the job admirably, are made in the USA, and come with an industry-leading money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the product for any reason – including our line of Tyvek silica gel packets and large desiccant packs. They’re a whole new level of completely safe moisture-absorbing power.

Tyvek is a highly-durable synthetic substance which stands up to abuse far better than other packaging materials. It’s been thoroughly tested by the US Food & Drug Administration and given their full approval for the material (and its contents) to be used with medicines and foodstuffs. So, the incredible number of uses for Interteck silica gel grows even larger when it’s packaged in Tyvek – it’s a miracle of modern science!

You can safely use our Tyvek silica gel packets and large desiccant packs with all your valuables; just like our full catalog of absorbents and absorbent-based products – and your food and medicine too. And, with all our available packet and pack sizes, you’re sure to find the ideal product for your specific use – order now!