While you may not immediately think of clay as an efficient descant product, the large clay desiccant packs from Interteck are a fantastic way to combat moisture and humidity levels in your home, office, and storage. They absorb a great deal of moisture and come in a wide range of pack sizes to give you the right tool for your moisture-control job.

What could possibly make them even better? They’re packaged in Tyvek to ensure they’re safe to use with everything you could imagine – including food and medicine. So, no matter what use you have in mind, if it has to do with moisture absorption then our Interteck large desiccant packs are the perfect product. They’re clay, they’re Tyvek, and they’re super-effective!

You can use our large desiccant packs to safeguard your valuables, to protect your precious memories, and to keep your hobbies ready for the next time you pick them up. In fact, the uses for Interteck’s catalog of products grows ever single day, thanks to our customers, and we look forward to hearing how you put our Tyvek large desiccant packs to use in your home or office – order yours today!