Orange Silica Gel

The amazing orange to green indicating silica gel from Interteck Packaging comes in both bulk silica gel beads and our incredibly useful packets to ensure you always have the right amount when you need it. Even better, this new silica gel product brings you the convenience of humidity indicating silica gel without the toxicity of cobalt chloride! That’s right – our orange to green indicating is made with NO cobalt chloride whatsoever!

Interteck has brought the ultra-easy color change to silica gel beads and packets without the hazard of cobalt chloride by using methyl violet to deliver the same effective moisture-absorption power without the worry. The methyl violet turns from orange to green when it becomes saturated by moisture and all you have to do is change them for unused packets or bulk silica gel beads and pop the used ones in the oven for easy recharging.

The Interteck orange to green indicating silica gel products – from bulks silica gel beads to easy-to-use packets – bring simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability together in one American-made package you can use in a million ways around the home or office to form the barrier between moisture and what matters most. All of our products come with our money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the product for any reason, so buying a great American product has never been easier!