5 Gram Blue to Pink Indicating Silica Gel Packets Desiccants - Rechargeable

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Our larger 5g indicating silica gel packets supply the same moisture barrier as our smaller packets – just more of it! And, they tell you exactly when it’s time for a switch. Just watch for them to change from blue to pink! Product Dimensions: 2” x 0.85”

You want to control moisture and prevent mildew, mold, and corrosion from affecting your treasures. These packets will do it. Use with firearms, ammo cans, clothing, jewelry, electronics, cameras, books, documents, photos and more! (Contain trace amounts of cobalt chloride – NOT for use with food.)

Your product arrives in a re-sealable moisture barrier pouch to ensure peak condition. This stand-up pouch is made from a low moisture transmission film to keep your unused packets ready to go!

Recharge Instructions: 2-3 hours in convection oven at 200-240˚F. Or, microwave on LOW power for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. DO NOT place in oven over 250˚F. (Times are estimates – monitor when recharging.)

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