Blue Indicating Silica Gel

One of the most popular products we offer at Interteck Packaging is our blue to pink indicating silica gel. Developed using cobalt chloride, this silica gel changes color when it absorbs moisture making it easier than ever before to know when it’s time to change them for unused packets or bulk silica gel beads. They make protecting your valuables a simple exercise and they’re rechargeable, so you’ll always have desiccant ready to handle your moisture absorption duties. 

The magic of Interteck’s blue to pink indicating silica gel is its ability to quickly communicate it’s full of moisture through the use of cobalt chloride. We take our non-indicating white silica gel and coat it with cobalt chloride to give it an even, thorough covering of the chemical. When the chemical becomes saturated with moisture it turns from a brilliant blue color to pink, so the color-change has nothing to do with the efficacy of the silica gel and everything to do with the chemical that coats it.

Cobalt chloride is moderately toxic to humans and pets, so this bulk silica gel product, or our blue indicating silica gel packets, shouldn’t be used near foodstuffs or where it may be ingested. These products are intended for use with your valuables and other non-edible items and are the perfect way to store photographs, important documents, your safe’s contents, electronic equipment, razors, and so much more!