<center>The Peace of Mind of Tyvek

The Peace of Mind of Tyvek

Whenever you use chemicals or chemical-based products around your home or office there’s always a bit of uncertainty involved due to the fact that you’re probably not a chemist. And, that’s perfectly alright because in the United States we have the Food & Drug Administration, the Occupational Safety Hazard Agency, and many others which look out for our safety and risk.

Plus, you have American companies always looking to make their own products safer, to take the worry away from use, and to deliver a product you can believe in and use without fear of danger or toxicity. That’s exactly what Interteck has done with silica gel desiccant – made it safer to use everywhere you need to combat moisture.

Our indicating orange and white silica gel is, on its own merit, non-toxic and stable as a substance while the blue indicating contains cobalt chloride and should not be used with food or medicine. That’s where Tyvek truly comes into its own and shines as the material of choice for all uses where non-toxicity is the biggest factor at play; such as storing foodstuffs and vitamins, pills, and tablets.

Tyvek has been thoroughly tested by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and approved as completely safe to use for these purposes. It’s 100% safe to be in contact with things you ingest, so you can find even more ways to make your life better using our Tyvek packets and desiccant packs.

Interteck’s Tyvek is tested to an even higher standard to ensure it’s the premier packaging material for our world-class silica gel and clay desiccant. That means that using our products is guaranteed safe, so you can feel confident in every use you come up with. They’ll be there for you in more ways than you ever thought possible when you purchased, so make your order today and keep moisture at bay!

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