<center>Silica Gel Around The House

Silica Gel Around The House

Having been in the desiccant business for over 30 years, we know a thing or two about the best uses of our products, but it never fails to amaze us how many creative ways our customers find to use our wide range of absorbent and absorbent-based products. Beyond what you’d normally associate with silica gel, here are a few of the more original ways you can use our products around your home.


Our customers have written to us to tell us all about how they’ve used our products to save their tools from the corrosive effects of moisture. We’ve all been working on something on a humid day and left the toolbox opened when the rain began. It happens and most of us don’t think twice about it, but we could save ourselves time, money, and frustration if we simply use Interteck’s silica gel products to combat that moisture right when it occurs. Just put silica gel packets, a large desiccant pack, or bulk silica gel beads inside the toolbox and close it tight to rid your tools of the moisture they were exposed to and your problems are solved.


Your cabinets can have a tendency to become musty over time – especially those with plumbing located within them. This problem is only exacerbated when you live in a humid climate and can cause a damp, musty odor to cling to anything stored in them. This is just downright unacceptable and completely avoidable with Interteck’s catalog of absorbent and absorbent-based products. Whether you choose silica gel packets or our larger packs, bulk silica gel beads, or our carton desiccants, you’ll get rid of that dampness and stop the odor from emanating every time you open the cabinet. The large packs and carton desiccants for safes work great under your kitchen sink to keep the dampness from your powdered cleaners!


Some homes, especially those in high humidity areas, can develop dampness in the corners that just won’t seem to go away. Oftentimes this is due to bad construction where the roofing meets the wall and all you can do, aside from getting a new roof, is fight the moisture buildup as best you can. That’s when our Interteck desiccant really shines. Just place our large desiccant packs or carton desiccant for safes in the affected corner and watch that moisture disappear. And, since they’re rechargeable you’ll always have a means to fight back against moisture and prevent it from ever becoming mold.


While not everyone goes fishing often, many of us have fishing equipment we store in the home. It may not see action for most of the year, or many years for that matter, but it still needs to be kept in tip-top shape if it’s to be of use when called upon. Luckily, all it takes is Interteck silica gel packets or bulk silica gel beads to keep your fishing gear going strong for years and years! Place a few packets in each of the compartments to keep your flies dry and your hooks sharp and free from oxidization. It’s the cheapest way to protect that gear from damage – even if you hardly ever use it.


Your home is full of drawers which hold everything from your clothes to your silverware and can develop a musty odor much like your cabinets. This is especially true for your kitchen and bathrooms where humidity and moisture are at their highest. But, drawers tend to develop this musty smell no matter where they’re located in the house over time and the best way to combat this is with silica gel from Interteck Packaging. Whether it’s our silica gel packets or our bulk silica gel, you can end the smell and never have to worry about odor like that clinging to your clothes again. The packets also work wonders in keeping your silver from tarnishing in your kitchen drawers!


We all have a favorite jacket, blanket, or even sleeping bag stuffed with down. These articles are fantastically comfortable, warm, and notoriously difficult to keep in that condition. They get clumped up and start to lose their shape and before you know it they’re no longer even utilitarian, they’re garbage. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The clumping is caused by humidity and moisture getting into the material and causing it to stick together. If you take the article and place it in an airtight container, or even a drawer, with our silica gel packets or bulk silica gel you’ll soon see the clumps disappear. Plus, they’re rechargeable so you can use them again and again to great effect.


One last, great use for our products brought to us by a customer is all about keeping your holiday decorations fresh and ready for the next time you’ll need them. We all store these decorations somewhere and oftentimes that’s the worst possible place since we only have to access them once a year. This can mean a high humidity area, or somewhere damp and musty, so using Interteck’s absorbent and absorbent-based products to fight the effects of that exposure can make opening up your decorations a far more pleasant experience than otherwise might be the case.

There you have it, seven ways our customers have come up with to use our products in ways we can all benefit from, and we hope that you’ve found something new and useful you can do with your new Interteck products. Your orders, and all products, are backed up completely by our money-back guarantee, so if you have an issue we’ll resolve it – no matter what – or you get a full refund. That’s just how confident we are in our amazing products, so order yours today!

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