<center>How to Best Use Our Products

How to Best Use Our Products

The absorbents and absorbent-based products from Interteck can protect your valuables in a myriad of ways when used correctly. And, while our customers have come up with some incredible ways to fight humidity and moisture with our products that we ourselves never envisioned, there are some simple ways to use our products that will ensure they perform up to their ability. This isn’t to say you can’t experiment for yourself to find the ways each product works best for you (check out our blog) and your particular need. It’s just our way of giving new users the best way to fight moisture in their own home, office, storage, or any other place they need to keep dry.

When using our silica gel packets, both indicating and non-indicating Tyvek, you need to ensure the area you’re trying to defend from humidity and moisture is small and enclosed. The packets come in a wide range of sizes to help you handle larger and larger spaces, or you can simply use more of the small [packets to increase the moisture-absorbing power in the place your valuables are stored. You can find charts that detail how much area each packet size can handle on our site, but it’s a pretty straightforward process – the absorption of moisture – so you should have a good idea of what you’ll need to use for the space you’re considering. The silica gel and clay packs, our larger gram sizes, work the same as our packets, just on a larger scale.

Bulk silica gel is perfect for any application since you have as much as you’ll need for any home, office, or storage requirement. Available in a range of weights, you can order enough to tackle any challenge and recharge the product when it’s full of moisture. Our indicating bulk silica gel is even easier to use since it changes color when time to change, so order some of the indicating and some of the non-indicating and mix them together to always know when you need to recharge for more moisture-fighting power. Bulk silica gel should be placed loose in containers or Ziploc bags to get the maximum value from their presence, but you can experiment to find the best way to use them for your specific need.

The desiccants for safes that Interteck offers all come in cartons or canisters to make using them a breeze in your home or office safe. They come in a variety of sizes and their use is pretty self-explanatory – just place them in your safe and let them work their magic. The status window on the cartons will give you an indication of when it’s time to change them out and recharge for another round of moisture control. That’s right, they’re rechargeable in a 200-240°F oven so your product will last and last making it a spectacular value – no matter what you’re using them for!

It’s pretty easy to order a great product on our site and immediately put it to the use it was intended for. Or, if you’re like so many of our customers, you’ll find your own ingenious ways to use the moisture-absorbing power of Interteck’s catalog of absorbents and absorbent-based products. They’re all great values, all made right here in the USA, and all backed by our industry-leading money back guarantee. So, make your order and enjoy a great product from Interteck today!

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