<center>Great Ideas for Interteck’s Silica Gel

Great Ideas for Interteck’s Silica Gel

Everyone has encountered a silica gel packet in their medicine bottles or food containers. They’re put there because there’s simply no better way to eliminate moisture from places it can’t be allowed to linger. And, we all know what moisture can do when it gets into the wrong places. That’s right: spoilage, mold, rust, tarnish. Those are guarantees with moisture, so play it safe with Interteck’s full line of absorbent products.

Let’s take a look at the many ways our silica gel packets and desiccants can save the day around the house, the office, the garage, your luggage, and even the car. In fact, thanks to some very creative customers, we find new uses for our entire product line almost every single day. That’s another reason we included a Contact Page on our site, so customers who’ve discovered incredible uses for silica gel or any of our other desiccant products can share them with us and, by extension, you! It’s a cycle we encourage and hope you’ll join in.

Below, we’ve included a few of the most creative ways our products have been put to use by valued customers all across the United States. Try each of them out for yourself and see why having Interteck’s products around the house or office can really pay off. Take a look:

Safeguard Your Documents: There may be no more important use for silica gel than protecting your personal documents from the ravages of moisture. Few products degrade faster than paper when exposed to moisture levels and few items will be stored for as long as your documentation. Everything from birth certificates to financial paperwork needs to be safeguarded against moisture wherever they’re stored – especially if you live in a humid area. Take some of Interteck’s silica gel packets (or bulk silica gel) and put them in the container with your paperwork. Check every so often to see if all is well and change the product each time you do. You’ll quickly gauge how much moisture is getting into your documents simply by checking the silica gel. Our indicating silica gel works wonders in this role because all you have to do is check the color – blue or orange is good, pink or green is bad.

Protect Cherished Memories:  Today, many of us have forgotten the importance of those dusty, old boxes clogging our attics. Yet, for most of the history of this great country those boxes have held the cherished memories of millions of Americans – their photographs. All of us have spent time with family and friends looking at old images and thoroughly loving every minute of it. But, for just as long as there have been photos, there’s been moisture destroying that which we hold so dear, and that’s a real shame. But, it doesn’t have to happen any longer. No, now all you need to do is keep some of Interteck’s handy silica gel on hand to keep those memories sharp and safe for as long as you’d like. Find as airtight a container as you can and place your photos inside with a handful of our silica gel packets (or bulk silica gel) and your pictures should be safe and sound. Just check every so often to switch the product to ensure your images remain safe from moisture damage.

Prolong A Razor’s Lifespan: Everyone knows how expensive razor blades can be and have encountered blades from a single package that have wildly different lifespans. This isn’t bad manufacturing. It’s actually a function of moisture causing the blade to oxidize which ruins the edge and makes it unusable. Unfortunately, unless you take an inordinate amount of time after every use, you’re not going to be able to stop this from happening. But, if you invest in our bulk silica gel, all you’ll need is a Tupperware with a tight-fitting lid and a few scoops of the miracle gel. Just blot the razor dry and store it in the container with the gel. This will eliminate all the moisture that causes the havoc and will keep your razor sharp for far longer than you ever thought possible.

Rescue Drowned Cell Phones: How many times have we all heard of a friend or family member who has accidentally dropped their phone in a puddle, a pool, or, even worse, the toilet? It’s not talked about, but it happens. Sadly, for many, this means the end of the road for that particular device – especially before the newest generation of smart phones with waterproof shells. Yet, all it takes is an air-proof container like a Tupperware and a handful of Interteck’s silica gel packets or bulk silica gel. Toss ten to fifteen of them (or a few scoops of our bulk gel) in the container with your phone (sans battery and memory cards), seal it up, and let it set overnight. The next morning you’ll be amazed when you replace the battery and it powers up!

Purses, Makeup Cases & Travel Bags: Buying our silica gel packets in quantity will allow you to keep some in a Ziploc bag in all of your small bags that you have to keep moisture-free. A few of our silica gel packets can quickly remove all the moisture from your makeup case when opened on a humid day. They can help to keep your purse from getting a musty odor or mildew smell. And, in a pinch, you can toss some of them into your travel bag to keep your belongings from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. It’ll prove itself time and time again and save you from having to toss that purse you’ve had forever and love like a family member. Silica gel from Interteck will do the job and do it better than you may believe.

Prevent Luggage Odor: Many people have a favorite set of luggage that they take with them everywhere they travel and store it away at the end of every trip. If you’re one of these people, you know the smell that begins to emanate from your luggage after it’s been on a few of these trips. It’s not good. And, while finding the perfect travel bags can take some serious time and money, keeping the luggage odor-free and usable shouldn’t be nearly as difficult – especially if you buy a bag of Interteck’s silica gel packets. All you have to do is place a few of the packets in your luggage and moisture will never cause musty odors or mildew to form. It really is that easy.

Sewing Made Simpler: For those out there who love to sew, there’s nothing worse than pulling out your favorite fabric only to find it has gone stale with an offending odor to match. It’s no secret what moisture does when it meets fabric, darkness, and warmth. That’s right, mold and mildew won’t be far behind unless you beat them to the punch with silica gel packets from Interteck. All you have to do is keep several packets in a plastic bag with your fabric to keep the moisture out and your sewing enjoyable. And, with our bulk silica gel packets you’ll always have them on-hand when needed!

Lens Moisture Gone Forever: If you love photography, and own a camera – even an inexpensive one, then silica gel can be a real lifesaver when the weather turns cold. Any photographer can tell you about the dreaded temperature fluctuations experienced when it’s cold outside and the heat’s running inside. As soon as the camera transitions to the warmth, condensation begins to form on the inside and outside of the lens. This can ruin your shots, so the moisture has to go…now. Your best bet is to fill a bowl with silica gel, place the camera in it (sans memory card and battery, of course), and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Get it as airtight as possible and wait several hours before removing it. Voila! Problem solved!

Keep Your Jewelry Bright: When moisture interacts with silver and other precious metals it can lead to corrosion and that leads to tarnish. If you love jewelry, then you’ve encountered tarnish before and, more than likely, had to deal with harsh cleaning chemicals or polishing cloths. Neither of those options is easy and both have drawbacks. So, why even mess with the old ways of keeping your silver jewelry bright when you can simply toss a few silica gel packets (or bulk silica gel) from Interteck in your jewelry box to keep moisture from ever making its presence felt. It’s the simplest way to keep your jewelry looking its best and takes absolutely no effort whatsoever. What could be better than that?

Saving Seeds & Flowers: For all of the gardeners out there, silica gel can help you, too! It works perfectly for keeping moisture out of your seed collection. You know how important it is to keep your stored seeds dry to prevent mold growth, so place your seeds into envelopes, just as you normally would, and put them into a shoebox along with a silica gel packet (or bulk silica gel). Shut the lid as tightly as you can and you’ll have dry seeds all winter long! You can also use Interteck’s silica gel to aid in the drying of your favorite flowers. Just put the flowers into a paper bag with a few silica gel packets (or bulk silica gel) and watch the process go into overdrive. You’ll have dried flowers faster than ever before!

They’re 100% Rechargeable: We’ve given you a few ideas we thought might help you recognize the value in a product most never think twice about. Plus, when you purchase our blue-to-pink indicating or our Tyvek silica gel packets, all you have to do is place the used ones on a cookie sheet and bake them at 200˚F for two hours. The Tyvek packets will be ready to use again and our color-indicating gel will turn back to blue from pink letting you know they too are ready for reuse. Yes, that’s right. You can use these packets again and again. That’s the kind of great product Interteck has been delivering to customers for decades and it’s what you can expect from everything we sell.

At Interteck, great quality and lasting impact is the goal, so take a look at our product catalog and find the perfect solution for your moisture problems. We’re sure to have it. After all, we’ve been the barrier between moisture and what matters most for almost 30 years! SHOP NOW!

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