<center>Common Sense Product Usage

Common Sense Product Usage

One of the questions we get more than any other is, “How many packets should I use?” and that’s completely understandable as most people can’t calculate the volume of a random 3D object in cubic centimeters off the top of their heads. In fact, most of us haven’t encountered a cubic centimeter since high school, so the usage charts we use aren’t exactly enlightening. However, there are three common sense rules of thumb you can use when deciding how much Interteck silica gel to use for your space.

Rule #1: No Right Answers

There are so many external factors that come into play when thinking about how much desiccant to include – like humidity levels, length of storage, frequency opening, etc. All of these and more play a role in determining the effectiveness of the silica gel or clay Interteck desiccant product you use. So, even with all the science in the world it’s still a bit of a guessing game, so err on the side of caution and put in an extra packet, pack, or carton. After all, if it needs to be desiccated it’s can’t be too dry, but even a bit too much water could ruin it.

Rule #2: Try Different Products

You may have purchased a bag of one gram silica gel packets for your seed preserving and think they could work in your safe as well. While you’re right about that, they’ll work to a degree, the space in a safe is too large for effective moisture control using only one gram packets – unless you have several hundred and that would fill the space you’re trying to protect. No, you’re better off moving into a different category of Interteck desiccant products – large desiccant packs or our purpose-made desiccant for safes. These larger products contain far more moisture-absorbing silica gel, or clay, than our packets and can therefore absorb far more moisture before needing to be recharged. Yes, you read that right. You can use them again and again.

Rule #3: Recharge & Reuse

Due to the ability of all of our desiccant products to be recharged using a conventional oven, and many using the microwave, there’s no reason not to use as many as you think you’ll need to keep your valuables safe from moisture and it’s insidious effects. After all, you can simply place them in your oven for 2-3 hours at 200°-240° and then use them all over again. It pays to buy enough to rotate them when you need to recharge so that your treasures are never left to fend for themselves against moisture and humidity during the hours you’re recharging. Or, you could just get a variety of Interteck’s great products and have them on-hand for every occasion.

In the end, Interteck’s high-quality silica gel and clay desiccant dehumidifiers will handle your moisture issues without fail, but it’s just a matter of figuring out the right amount for where you’re using them and for how long they need to be functional before recharging. In any event, you can never have too much desiccant in something that needs to stay dry, so better to use a few more and play it safe than run the risk of there not being enough moisture-fighting power to keep your valuables safe. Order today and be protected tomorrow!

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